Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beautiful inspiration and simple things

I am watching Ezra float along happily in his swing. This is amazing as neither girl really took to it, but wam bam my third little offspring not only likes it, but falls asleep in it. It is something to get used too. In fact, ez-d is so much easier than we had hoped for. He is a great sleeper, is entertained by our girls, and generally of a rather positive mindset and just found his fist that he likes to suck. Jon and I were braced for this stage and a new baby in the house, but actually we are having a blast and getting more sleep than we should be at this stage. Or rather I am, Jon is playing catchup.

Yesterday I was driving down from Winter Park back into Denver with the three kids. Driving white-knuckled over an icy, snow packed Berthoud Pass in a mini van no less. And I looked up and too the west where the sun was starting to descend and noticed the clouds moving and brushing along the peaks of the mountains. It looked like when I drag my fingers through water and the ripples grow bigger and bigger. The mountain peaks were creating ripples in the clouds. It was one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen. I just read one of my friends blog posts,, and she was talking about skiing and surfing in the same day in LA. Sans ocean, sometimes it feels the same way here. We had just been up skiing during the day and came down to enjoy 65 degree weather in denver. I am so happy.


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