Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trying to stay busy so as to not think about two years ago

So my conversation with my dad and josh went pretty much the same way. "Hey, how are you doing today?" "Trying to stay busy" "Yep" "I miss Jer" "Yep, me too". Of course my mom and I talked about all of losing Jer two years ago, what helps, what doesn't. The most interesting thing that came out of my mouth was, "Phew, I am glad it is two years already..." and in my head, then I got pissed, and the next words out of my mouth were "But I am really mad that it is two years". The paradoxes we face in life make me laugh a lot. But it is really nice having the kids around to keep me so busy, and so tired so I actually sleep thru this season. And to bring joy into the worn out tired places. Ezra was super excited everytime he saw me today. And in my head I have been calling him Ezra Jeremy all day, and my little bear, so kind of a little jer bear.

The things i loved about jer:

1. How I could wrap my arms around him twice, b/c he was so skinny
2. Watching him board through the powder and trees, it was poetic
3. His blue eyes
4. His face when he was in trouble
5. He showed up
6. His crazy ideas
7. The costumes and thought he would put into them
8. The way we would look at each other mystified when Josh and Jo got into a fight, and we had to clean up their mess
9. His style, I must admit, I liked how he dressed
10. How he didn't like to read books
11. His ripped off movie selection
12. Our earnest conversations
13-100000000000000. to many others to list

Jer told me not to be sad for him if he died. Or sad for me, he was very pragmatic. It's weird, I wonder if he knew somehow that the Perzee kids would be split in two. Anyway, I think he told me something like, "that's dumb, you are going to see me again, or we are going to see jo again"

oh jellyhead.

peace ya all,


ps. I found this when I googled Jer's name. I think sometime I will have to meander my way down there when we have some time.

I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Jeremy. This tragic situations make a permanent impact on us. Hopefully, as time moves on - you will be able to replace the pain with those special things that you and Jeremy did. You know those things that made him "special." Please let me know the date that he passed on and I will put his name on the "List" of those who's name will be read evertime that a person reads the list and it will be read outloud every year at the Garrett Berg Remembering Those Who Rode Memorial Ride in Splendora, Texas.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you or to Jeremy's family.

In Sympathy,

Mike Berg

May Jeremy Perzee Rest in Eternal Peace

Jeremy left this world on May 14 2007.

I have a friend that rode in the Memorial Race in Splendora the last time it was held. It was his first race and he loved it because it was so laid back. Thanks alot for honoring Jeremy:thumbsup:
I grew up in Magnolia, so there is a decent chance that one of these years I will be able to come to that race and hear his name and ride for him.


At 9:44 AM , Blogger Bil said...

Juli, This is really a touching tribute to your brother. I'm sorry it's been two years, but glad you've made it through this also. The line about the Perzee kids being split--oh man. Killer. I'm thankful that you will see he and Jo again. Lisa

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

love you much. beth.

At 1:22 PM , Blogger cmcguck said...

The Perzee clan is a strong bunch! Love you all!


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