Friday, October 09, 2009

Woah, long time

Blogging seems to be falling out of style in my life. I have discovered it is a little easier to bite off the little pieces of facebook. Although sometimes fb feels like I stuck my mouth on top of a water hydrant and asked lucy to turn it on a little and she kind of turned it on all the way.

So we were bad parents and made Lucy skip school today in favor of family time up in the mountains for a few days. Phew! I have been desperate to get up here and I am not sure why. But I have wanted to breathe the fresh cold air, get away from house stuff, get away from the city a little and just have quiet. And our dog Cherokee is in heaven up here. She is running all over, super excited, sniffing everything in site. and we did not name her cherokee, but it works. like lately i have taken to calling her cherry-icky. she smelled so bad the other day.

It's funny having a dog. I don't know what compelled us to get her. But she is here none-the-less and we love her. We adopted her a couple of months ago. she is 7. and awesome. generally.

I think I just needed to push our already full house over the edge.

You see, in my minds eye our house looks like a cartoon house that is bursting at the seams ready to explode, and for whatever reason, I thought on top of having a 10 month old, we should bring a dog into the mix.

Now our house is cracking, but through the cracks you can see lots of happy screaming and yelling going on. Mercy finally has someone to boss around that actually listens to her. Z still disregards her or just plain laughs in her face. Or cries. if she is too loud. which is often.

My favorite thing to do at night lately, if I happen to be making dinner and jon is home getting the kids all crazy-like, is to put in a pair of ear plugs, pour a generous glass of wine. and happily go about my business. then i enjoy a very pleasant low hum of background delight while whipping up my short-cut culinary mishmash. favorite recipe lately - ramen, ground beef, onions, and frozen mixed veggies. kids like it. can't say too much for the health benefits.

lucy has taken to hip-hop. wants to sing hip-hop, wants to be hip-hop, wants to dress hip-hop (i would like to see her do that with the clothes i have purchase, hee hee, un..likely) err.. until she wants to be an artist, which is next on the list.

mercy is a hard one to pin down. pure joy emanates from the girl. and everything is 100 million miles an hour, or 100 million times louder than it should be. she is the main reason i need earplugs at night. and she hates getting her hair combed. but doesn't want to get it cut, because she will look like a boy. and declared the other day, she doesn't like cars anymore. and insists on putting her outfits together. i will be sad when she has to wear school uniforms next year.

and EZRA!!!!!! in love, woah, the boy has me wrapped around his little finger. i am trying to be strict, but I can't. he is moving and groving and growing very rapidly. i love it and can't believe he is 10 months already. he laughs, he poops, he pees, he eats like a linebacker, he makes his sisters and parents laugh. i am assuming a very typical youngest child.

jon just asked me what i was doing. "writing a blog post" say i. "what's it about" says him. "i have no idea" says i.

and still don't but blessing and have a wonderful start to your weekend.


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